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Variety of flavoured welshcakes

All Good Fun

Mixing, rolling, cutting out and cooking welshcakes. Simple, convenient and fun for everyone to enjoy. Get creative and try something different – and tasty.

Welshcakes in a variety of flavours

Freshly cooked welshcakes in a selction of different flavours.. to your door

Mixed Box of 18 Welshcakes

Why not gift your family, friends and collegues some temptingly tasty welshcakes, suitable for all occasions

A mixed box of 18 welshcakes makes a great gift..

Mixed Box of 36 Welshcakes

If 18 welshcakes is not enough then why not double it and have 36 welshcakes

Triple Chocolate Kids Welshcake Kit

Imagine the mess.. Imagine the fun.. making Triple Chocolate welshcakes

Or searching for ideas to keep the kids entertained and happy?

Our welshcake kits are for all ages, including welshcake kits for kids, make for a perfect activity that is fun and creative. Who can resist any of the 10 tasty flavours, especially Triple Chocolate or Chocolate & Caramel welshcakes for the kids

Bake at home welshcake kits
Cherry & Almond Welshcakes

Cherry and Almond welshcake kit, a truely delicious combination..
It wont disappoint!

Freshly Made Welsh Cakes

Variety of flavoured welshcakes

If making your own welshcakes isn't your thing, then why not have a taste of Blasus Welshcakes very own scrummy ready to eat welshcakes, sold in shops throughout Wales.  Alternatively buy some online, click the Shop Now button below.  Or maybe you have a celebration coming up and would like Blasus Welshcakes to provide your guests with some tasty treats. We can provide bespoke welshcakes for meetings, weddings and parties.  Drop us a line with your requirements.  We love a good celebration!

Home Baking Kits

welshcake bake at home kits

Welshcakes are a national treasure, enjoyed by all the family. There is nothing more delicious than a welshcake eaten straight off the griddle. We have different flavour kits to choose from, for a twist from the traditional welshcake.  Each kit will make approximately 20 welshcakes. So, roll up your sleeves, tie up your apron and get baking your very own welshcakes! Pssst they are also a great idea as a gift.

Welshcakes for everyone

This favourite tea time treat is well loved within Wales, but it deserves to be enjoyed by people far and wide and although Blasus Welshcakes sell ready made welshcakes in local shops and markets,  there is nothing more delicious than a welshcake eaten warm, within a few minutes of being cooked, so for people to experience these sweet and truly tasty treats, the idea of selling bake at home welshcake kits was born. 

From our little cottage near Carmarthen, in West Wales we have experimented with different flavours and we have narrowed it down to 10.  It was a struggle to get it down to 10! There are so many different flavour combinations and as we strive to use natural flavours I'm afraid lemon and orange & chocolate flavoured welshcakes could not be made into kits.  

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